Saving Goldfish Lives

Saving Goldfish Lives

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Article by FINE Magazine

Every year, thousands of children flock to the San Diego County Fair with weary parents in tow. The kids drag their parents through the throngs of people, bouncing from deep- fried hot dogs to carnival games galore, including one popular contest where children throw ping pong balls into little glass cups of water. Their prize? A petite orange goldfish swimming in a bowl just big enough to fit in two tiny palms.

With bright, youthful eyes, children take their winnings home—still splashing around in the bowl perched on their knees— excitement shaking their tiny hearts with laughter. It’s a pet all their own, something kids can name and take care of (mostly) by themselves… yet three days later, they’ll often find the unfortunate fish floating belly-up in its little glass bowl, soaked in the saltwater tears of an… READ FULL ARTICLE